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No More Pain, Stop Compulsive Unhealthy Behaviors,  Get to Your Fighting Weight, Improve Your Memory, Increase Creativity  & Influence - Hypnosis Works!

Welcome to The Hypnosis Center at Secret Ravine

The New, New You 

Some doctors are now finding themselves swamped with way too many patients.  As the healthcare coverage in America helps many more access medical services, the providers are bearing the burden.

Recently, one friendly family care doctor asked me if I could help her both with increasing stress and need for restorative sleep.  What a challenge.

Using a fast hypnotic induction, she went into a deep sleeplike state which produced instant results.  Upon awakening she told me that the experience was like having 8 hours of sleep.  When I pointed         to the clock, we both laughed that only twenty minutes had past! Hypnosis Works!

As Americans , we invent, solve and produce some of the hardest problems with fantastic results.        We live to work not work to live. There is a upside and a downside to our great scientific achievements.    Did you know that we are at the top of the list of countries that have a sleep deprivation problem?

While vacationing with my wife in the Napa Valley, a young couple from Silicon Valley was introduced    to me by the inn keeper.  He told them that I was a hypnotist and could perform amazing parlor tricks.

Caught off guard,  I asked them if they ever experienced hypnosis or would like the chance.  The guy told me he had trouble staying awake while coding for long hours at a time.

He took me up on my offer to teach him an effective way to quickly get fully rested.  I taught him how to "Power Nap."  Since it was a demonstration,  we went into the next room.  Finding that he enjoyed the fun of learning through hypnosis, he allowed me to place him into a deep trance where he showed arm levitation, and other fun poses.  He woke up to his partners tears of laughter and applause from the group.  Hypnosis Works!


   David Chervick, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 

  •       Former staff member Stanford University
  •       Hypnosis Certification
  •       Milton H Ericson Institute
  •       Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  •       The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

 Cost Savings

Health Service Administration Studies have shown that psychotherapy takes 6-20 sessions on average at a cost of thousands of dollars. Hypnotherapy shows behavioral change in 2-3 sessions saving you 60%. Save your money and save your health, now. Courtesy Insurance Billing Form provided upon request – assignment of benefit payment to you 

One Session -  200

Three sessions with 2 audio recordings -  600 

David Chervick
LINCOLN | The Hypnosis Center at Secret Ravine |  (916) 792-2080